• Who we are

    Headquartered in Singapore and servicing Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia, Straits IT delivers quality solutions to Small, mid sized commercial clients and Government departments.
  • Our Solutions

    We deliver solutions across key IT functions to help our clients achieve their business goals. By simplifying IT infrastructure we allow businesses to focus on its core functions.

    Why choose us

    We understand the critical timing associated with IT procurement and its relation to commercial activities. Our consultative approach allows us to understand niche requirements and adapt our solutions to each individual need.

Services & Solutions

Cloud Computing

Businesses stand to gain a lot from Cloud computing service, as it can help them to improve their availability and productivity, from basic IT applications.

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When it comes to business results, IT procurement is crucial, and every enterprise needs to get work accomplished with the correct tools.

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IT Support

Clients can be assured of our assistance through all kinds of IT deployments, whether major or minor. Making sure that projects and changes are delivered on time is crucial to us.

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Owing to our partnerships with IT vendors in Singapore, including IT software distributors, we are equipped to provide accurate products to clients, right from hardware to software, and even commodities as laptop and accessories.

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Eager to learn more about us?

Our management team comes with 10 years of multinational corporate IT experience, and specialises in IT Hardware & Software supply, Cloud computing, Online Backup, Security, Mobile Email, and IT Support & Project Services. Our clients can rest assured that their requirements will be taken care of, as our expertise makes us dependable.


We are an IT consulting firm that specialises in Information Technology and services.

We are based in Singapore and strive to deliver quality solutions to small as well as mid-sized enterprises and Government departments.

Our products, solutions and services have been created with the kind of corporate and technological requirements that our clients need.

We are also a Singapore Government Gebiz registered and approved supplier. Our partnerships with leading IT solution providers worldwide give us adequate leverage to bring about industry-leading service.


Our method is consultative and this aids us to grasp the kind of necessities that are unique to each individual.


The fact that IT procurement needs immediate attention is understood by us, as well as the fact that commercial activities are closely related to it.


Our clients consider us as potential long-term partners, and this is something that we value.


We live up to our clients’ expectations and deliver solutions with the help of internal IP, and alliances with leading IT companies.